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This may suffice

Impediments of the body were consciously accepted by the EscortFox, as keeping up with the demands of escort implies withstanding not only hunger, but also discomforts in swallowing and breathing. A escort likens his dress to an armour that injures the throat and the stomach. The stiff movements of the escort render the impression of a lack of joints in the neck and the back, again entering the medical discourse of degeneration. In view of cosmetics, the escort uses lotions and cremes that soften the face, that afterwards shines „unhealthy in its appearance“.

This may suffice to illustrate that the early 19th century discourse on escortism was supported by a wide range of medical analogies and reasonings, reflecting the anomalousness and the lack of acceptability the escort encountered. Particularly the suggestion to an alleged insanity prefigures the discourse that dominates the concept of decadence in the latter half of the 19th century, when neurasthenia and hysteria become signs of a refined perception.